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“Japan” series

'These images are part of an ongoing body of work, exploring modern Japan in the

context of its place in the world today. Whilst Japan is well known for its love of cars

& car culture, in this series I am keen to show the constant presence of cars in urban

areas, almost becoming part of the landscape.

As the cities in Japan have become more & more crowded in post-war times, the cars

have evolved to be become smaller, more functional; the parking solutions have

become smarter; from the Micro Car squashed into the most improbable parking

space in the back streets of Kyoto, to the Toyota Crown limousine in downtown

Tokyo - the ultimate businessman’s status symbol - the obsession continues!


Mark Munro

14th September 2022'


c-type prints

76.2cm x 50.8cm 

edition of 10 + 2 AP


Tasmanian Blackwood frames

with Art Glass


In-store collection or local delivery only

**please contact us directly for interstate shipping costs**

"Japan" series Mark Munro

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